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pen knife

Contrary to the actual words, a pen knife is like a Swiss Army Knife but with only 2 blades -- a big one at one end and a little one at the other end, that fold into the handle. ...Boys & men would carry them in their pockets in case they had to sharpen a pencil or play a quick game of mumblety peg, scrape some chalk off a pastel stick, or other chore around the house. In other words, a "pocket knife" (Is that term still in use? I feel like Methuselah !)


On Mon, 7 Jan 2008, Dave S wrote:
It is sort of fun to read old articles. For example, to make the powder for
the process, the articles say you can scrap pastel with "pen kr ife." I
checked the article. It looks like it does say that, but I think it probably
means "pen knife." The author probably wrote the article by hand, and
perhaps the typsettor didn't understand the writing. But what is a "pen
knife?" I am guessing it must be something like what we call X-Acto knife
today if it is used for scrapping pastel to make powder. But that is just my
interpretation. Reading old articles (or any article) always involves some

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