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Re: problem

Sandy King wrote:

The whole experience has made me quite depressed and I am starting to wonder if it would not be best to simply burn all of them and start from scratch. Is anyone else having similar problems, or is this just a side effect of my bi-polar tendencies?

Hi Sandy,

Been there! Whatever you do, don't burn or otherwise destroy or mutilate you negatives. Doing that is a irreversible step and a year down the road you will regret it because all will have been lost. Put them all in a large shoe box or several shoe boxes and put them away for now until you get over the depression about it. Put it aside, take a negative(s) you like and start working on that. Create! It will give the satisfaction of having done something useful, maybe even create that great image you are looking for. Things will pass with time and will get better. Don't do anything rash right now; you will regret it. Put it aside and try something else.


  Bogdan Karasek
  Montréal, Québec                     bogdan@bogdanphoto.com
  Canada                               www.bogdanphoto.com

                     "I bear witness"

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