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Re: Mac OS X Leopard (Re: new problem)


Yes, that's been my thought, too. I had been sitting here, for days, thinking about how Microsoft and Apple really have the market, and dreaming about some wonderful third competitor-- who would, yes, blow them both out of the water-- and how great that would be. I'd be the first customer in line.

I do sense, though-- as a loyal Apple customer-- that I'm being used as a tester, without the benefit of financial payment, or payment-in- kind (free Apple products). Apple will discover, through their customers, what doesn't work w/Leopard, and then they'll fix it. So I'm nothing more than a disgruntled Apple volunteer at this point.

Okay-- another bad story about Apple-- my daughter's laptop had a bad battery, which Apple recalled. Her laptop was under AppleCare, so they sent her a new one. At the same time, they included a box and labels to return the faulty battery. They point out that if she doesn't return it by the end of March, they'll bill her $129.

So I took it to Fed-ex today, because the P.O. wouldn't send it. Apple had a zip code on their label that wasn't valid. When I took it to Fed-ex, the woman there said it was an internal zip code at Apple (I guess), and she found the correct state zip code. I told her I wanted it sent the slowest possible route (since I was paying for it). So it cost me ~$7 to return this faulty battery. Not a huge price that will break the bank, but here's where Apple went wrong-- yet again. They install defective batteries in their computers; they put out a recall for their mistake and include a box for its return-- but we have to pay for the return shipping. If we don't send it back by the designated date, they bill us for $129. Now, is it just me-- or is there something inherently wrong with that way of doing business?

Anyway, I feel so bad this has gone so far off-topic for alt processes (well, not that bad), but at this point, I think we've all become dependent on computers and printers in one form or another for our work (even if it's simply having a website)-- that I sometimes really do long for the pre- household computer days. I felt my life was much simpler then.

The basis of this thread makes it sound like Apple is doing the same thing that got Microsoft a bad reputation (and which they are still doing). One day a third competitor will enter the operating system market with something that really works and blow both Apple and Microsoft out of the water. Microsoft survives and prospers mainly because of superb marketing and lack of real competition.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA