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Re: OT Answering machine is so 20th century (Re: Mac OS X Leopard)


I definitely hear you. I have this answering machine that's very temperamental and simply hangs up on people if their voice isn't deep or loud enough. After the first couple of words, if my machine deems their voice unworthy, well-- that's it for them. I do get a big kick out of that. I also get very irritated with people who decide to call me when they're on their way to someplace else. They're multi- tasking, but I'm stuck on the phone with them, unable to move. By the time they get to their destination point, they're done and want to get off the phone. That someone will call me, and then put me on hold if they have another call coming in-- well, that's pretty bad, too. I usually just hang up when that happens. There ought to be a law, honestly. People should made to take an exam or something, before they can own a cell phone. I admit, though, I rarely answer the telephone anymore. I figure if it's important, the person can leave a message-- if they have the right kind of voice, that is. ;)


I believe a lot of the 21st century communication technology
can be useful if used effectively, but they can be really
annoying in the hands of people who can't process information
in their brain before putting into the "output" stream.