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Re: OT Answering machine is so 20th century (Re: Mac OS X Leopard)

If you do like me and not give out the number and not turn the thing on except when I want to make a call, the cell phone is no distraction.
Erie Patsellis wrote:
Wow, makes me glad I don't have a cell phone. In fact not having one tends to make me more productive, but only on one thing at a time.


Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
This is unrelated to your context but it's just my personal
rant triggered by what you said.

I think answering machine hurts productivity. I want an option
to disable this function on my cellular phone so that people
can't leave any message for me (at least from other cellular

About 80% of people can't summarize important bits of
information into a 30 second message. If I have to call back
to figure out how important the message was, I probably forget
to call back. I used to check voice mail to find about the 15%
of useful messages. (This is counting strictly goal-oriented
communication, not counting personal friends trying to figure
out if I feel like going for drink with them, etc.)

Plus, when I use voice mail from cellular phone, why do I have
to go through the stupid voice guided menu options every time?
That's already 30 seconds!