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Re: Vandyke Question

Judy said:
But, given the far better care you have obviously exercised, my guess would be that there's another factor at work, that for instance one of your chemicals could be below par. Have you made the emulsion from these chemicals successfully, or with less hassle, in the past?
I don't print VDB since about eight years, but I remember I haven't experienced any trouble mixing the working solution. The only thing that happened to me was the different hue my VDB's had (cooler or warmer), probabily depending from the strength and temperature of the fixer (on the same paper). Now I am more careful about that, whichever the technique I am using.
So, I am aguing that the problem might be in the FeAmCitrate. Contaminants like chloride and sulphate, but also an excess of citrate, could be the responsibles.
However, if after filtering your solution gives you good results, never mind!