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Re: Where is Loris Medici?


Prince Harry is no longer in Afghanistan. He was pulled the day before yesterday for security reasons. There had been an understanding between the British media and the British department of Defence not to publish his whereabouts for security reasons. He is third in line to the throne. A US website broke the news embargo, blowing his cover and he was immediately pulled out.

The British general chief of Staff has stated that Prince Harry would not be rejoining his regiment in Afghanistan any time soon.


Judy Seigel wrote:

On Sun, 2 Mar 2008, Greg Schmitz wrote:

Plus, a propos of "army service", the US papers, or anyway the NY Times, have sent us word, including pictures, of Prince Harry in Iraq.

I think Prince Harry is/was in Afghanistan.

Oh shucks Greg... you're talking to a New Yorker. We're supposed to know the difference between Iraq and Afghanistan? We don't even know the difference between, like, Alaska and Hawaii. (See maps by Saul Steinberg if you don't believe me).


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