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Re: SPE and alt update

I actually have taken David Hoptman's nomenclature and call them Polymer Photogravure, for clarity.  'Gravure' from my understanding, is the only actual term implying a specific process derived from copper plates, but I have no references to cite other than hearsay to back that up.


Jack Brubaker wrote:
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Oh Mark, don't trust me to be the arbiter of good taste! But, yes,
that sounds fine to me.


On 4/3/08, Mark Nelson <ender100@aol.com> wrote:
Jack, I have been calling one copper plate photogravure and the other
polymer plate photogravure. If this is not correct, I would be happy to hear
what terms should be used.

 Mark Nelson
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 On Apr 3, 2008, at 2:45 PM, Jack Brubaker <jack@jackbrubaker.com> wrote:

 What's wrong

with calling them "photo gravures"?

The craft of making copper photo gravure plates is more complex and
offers many more ways of manipulating the image. It is an
accomplishment to make a good copper image. Anyone who has mastered
the copper process would want to keep the historical term "photo
gravure" for their work and not see a new process that relies on a
manufactured plate that streamlines the process claim the same name.




Jon Lybrook
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