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Re: glyoxal v. formaldehyde

On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

NOT alt related, but lately there have been a number of people whom I know or know of who have gotten brain tumors at comparatively young ages--been perfectly healthy and then presto, numb arm or sudden headache, brain tumor diagnosis, dead within 3 wk or 3 months. I think it is cell phones. No, seriously, it is weird and it is easy to think it is more prevalent nowadays and why? But then I look at these books: Mutter Museum Historic Medical Photography and A Morning's Work by Burns. Both have lots of alt prints in them, honest! But the images are of medical conditions that make Joel Peter Witkin's work look contrived. The neat thing about them is that the Mutter
Chris, a local weekly had an article some months ago by a fellow who sets about proving that cell phones do cause brain tumors... He makes a case that the risk has been dismissed too readily... That's one I don't worry about since I barely can tolerate a landline, let alone a cell... but the article was backed up with statistics and did seem knowledgeable.

And what about autism? Maybe that's caused by radio waves, too... ?


book has a bunch of photos in it of conditions that were pre-surgery and then the after surgery pic is also shown so at least in some instances there is a modicum of hope (Anyone into large mammaries, btw, should see the picture of the woman with hypertrophy of the breast--the combined weight of both was 60 some pounds! She, too, had them removed. BTW, they grew in 3 years!!! It puts this day and age of implants into perspective.)

I got onto this track because someone on this list recommended Max Aguilera-Hellweg's Sacred Heart book, which is worth buying used..Gorgeous color surgery photos taken with a 4x5 that do not leave one's memory.