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Re: glyoxal v. formaldehyde

On Fri, 11 Apr 2008, Don Sweet wrote:

Alright then, I'll bite.
How do you explain why folks who are not naive oppose it?
Or is that question oxymoronic?
(You know I've read your book because you generously awarded it last year as
a prize for grammar.)
Don Sweet
I assume when they do the names properly, you are Sweet Don, no?

But to answer your question, actually, IMO, opposition is by definition naive. Ipso facto. Tho I suppose some folks might consider this discussion offtopic....

To conclude with a nugget that's on-topic, however, I mention that I spent a good part of this afternoon going over a series of tests of Vandyke Brown with a friend who's assisting another photographer in a VDB project. What we established was that a drop of gold toner in the emulsion and gold toning have a much better effect (that is, more of a color shift to warm) when the print is exposed 3 days after the paper is coated than same day. The other thing is that NYC labs know diddle about film control and have never heard of such a thing as a densitometer.