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Re: Seeking Information on 2 problems with Gum process

cadunn wrote:
For any process where you wish to coat and expose the same piece of paper multiple times, what do people do with the severely uneven paper between exposures? I have preshrunk it and dried and ironed it before doing anything to it. But, once it is (perhaps sized depending on the process), coated, exposed, washed, and dried, it reverts to hills and valleys. And yes the contact frame flattens out everything, and the large objects in the image appear nicely, but registration problems ensue in finely detailed areas. I need help!
Oops hit send too soon....to answer your first question. To flatten wet paper and make it flat ... at the studio where I've been printing we have a big pile of 2' by 4' by 1" thick reclaimed cellulose ceiling tiles, a stack of about 20 to 30 deep. Finished prints go between the tiles starting at the bottom. Weight can be added safely to the top if necessary. The tiles act like a sponge drawing moisture out of the print while making it very flat. We also use sheets unprinted newspaper to protect the print and the tiles from ink which might rub off from movement. Hope that helps.