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RE: Lighting for Platinum/palladium Alt proc Work Area

	Do NOT coat under fluorescent lighting.  They emit UV and most
"sages" say that they can cause fog in UV sensitive processes.  
	Most say that dim tungsten is fine but I also take the extra
precaution of coating under yellow "bug bulbs".

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I use 25 watt yellow bug-lite bulbs in both dry and wet areas when  
working on alt process prints.

On Jul 27, 2008, at 1:33 AM, Jon Reid wrote:

> Thta's true Brian,
> I coat under a tungsten filament lamp (normal bulb), not tungsten  
> halogen or similar (I'm not sure about them). I also have coated  
> under flourescent lamps.
> Jon
> On 27/07/2008, at 1:28 PM, Brian Casey wrote:
>> Hello;
>> 	I am in the process of setting up a work area for alt proc
>> 	coating and printing.I understand that I could use tungsten light
>> 	without causing any problems (fogging et al.) to the associated
>> 	emulsions.  Is that true?
>> 	Thanks in advance
>> 	 Brian Casey

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