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Re: Lighting for Platinum/palladium Alt proc Work Area

We have some VHO (very high output) flourescent lamps in our building -
for growing plants.  Out of curiosity I exposed some cyanotypes under
these lamps - found they emitted almost as much UV light as my
flourescent UV lamps.

I think most regular flourescent lamps don't emit much UV, but I don't
think its safe to assume they don't emit any UV light.  A flourescent
lamp is essentially a mercury vapor lamp with phosphors coating the tube
to flouresce - ie to absorb UV light and emit a different wavelength -
usually visible.   In  order for a flourescent lamp to work, it must
produce UV light.

If you want to use a flourescent lamp for coating an  Encapulite
safelight sleeve might be a good idea.  These are sleeves that fit over
a flourescent tube and filter the light emitted.  See
http://www.flexopress.com/production/encapsulitelightsleeves.html -
filter  # ENC-SOUVC* - blocks everything above 380nm.