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RE: Advice for finding a gallery.


So where is a link to your blog? Promote your self always and incessantly!


Don Bryant

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Thanks for the wealth of info Christina. I had checked your website  
and work after hearing about "Gum Printing" the other day. I'm really  
interested with both your art and the process. I put an article on my  
blog about your work and a link to your site.

I look forward to any more comments or additional advice, thanks again.

On 10-Aug-08, at 8:24 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Ohhhhh Ryan,
> This is a $2000 question that lots of us photographers want the  
> answer to...
> Are you an alt printer?  Or some other genre? Because with alt you  
> need to be careful which venues to apply to. Large, digital color  
> works are au courant so do your research. I wasted money in the  
> beginning applying to shows that wouldn't even know what alt was.
> I will give you my personal pointers but I know there are a bunch of  
> people on this list more well versed than I so they better chime in:
> 1.  Establish a website presence if you haven't already; you can do  
> so through Visual Server (visualserver.com) because it is EASY and  
> clean.
> 2.  Subscribe to Art Deadlines at artdeadline.com or if broke,  
> google "call for entries".
> 3.  Start forking out the $$ to apply to shows to build up an  
> exhibition record and get your work out there over and above coffee  
> shops, although coffee shops are a great beginning to an exhibition  
> record. But with entry fees and framing expect it to be seriously  
> expensive.
> 4.  Write a good, clean, spell-checked resume with this list of  
> exhibitions (in descending chronological order of course!)  and put  
> exhibitions on your website so people know you actually can stay on  
> task. For instance, I found out from a reputable consultant that  
> teachers of photography are discriminated against in the gallery  
> world because galleries don't think teachers have enough time to  
> make work. I have enough time to make work--just not sleep or eat or  
> have a life... But I have enough time to email on the alt list :)
> 5.  Galleries--start local, then regional, but as far as cold  
> calling and such, others on the list are way more knowledgeable on  
> this than I. I do not have gallery representation because (gasp) I  
> have not sought it...yet.
> 6.  My biggest rule of thumb:  ALWAYS have more than one iron in the  
> fire at any time so when (and I say WHEN) the rejection occurs, you  
> still have hope on the horizon.  There are a couple horror stories I  
> have heard from this list--one gallery telling someone their work  
> was so bad they wouldn't waste their breath telling him/her why...
> My six cents worth--looking forward to others' tips SOON???  
> Apparently most are enjoying their summer outside instead of at the  
> computer.
> Chris
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> Subject: Advice for finding a gallery.
>> Hello,
>> I'm new to this list and appreciate all the information that is  
>> shared here. I've been into photography for 12 years now and have  
>> compiled a large portfolio of photographs that I've shown in local  
>> group art  shows, cafes etc. I would like to try and take the next  
>> step to find a  fine art gallery that could showcase my work. It's  
>> pretty intimidating.
>> Could anyone share general advice, process for approaching  
>> galleries, book recommendations? I'd appreciate any advice you  
>> could throw my  way. If you know of any galleries that are having  
>> group shows or other  venues where I could send my work it would be  
>> most appreciated.
>> Sincerely,
>> Ryan Thompson