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Re: A question about HP B9180

Javier, HP9180 is a very good printer for digital negatives too (it's
wonderful for normal color or B/W printing) BUT you have to use the best
transparency material for the job: Pictorico (and maybe Agfa Copyjet). I
don't know if there are other products with matching quality... The
transparency you plan to use shouldn't be extremely transparent but milky
(as Pictorico) instead, since the printer won't see it if it's not so.

Use "HP Advanced Photo Paper, Glossy" profile to print on transparency
material. (You can fiddle with the "Ink" options to lessen ink amount if
the transparency doesn't hold too much ink. But that will cost you

And, as a last note: you have to feed the transparency through the
"Specialty Media Tray".

Hope this helps,

23 Ağustos 2008, Cumartesi, 4:28 pm tarihinde, Hellena Cleary yazmış:
> I am not sure about the question. The HP is very good at grabbing from the
> ray whereas with the Epsom, I had to hand feed the transparency in by hand
> and it still went  straight through without printing. I only ever do one
> transparency at a time. Have you considered contacting Tom Sobota who is a
> Spanish member of the list? Good luck. Hellena
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>   Subject: Re: A question about HP B9180
>   Thanks for yours answers.
>   Hellena, when you print a transparency, between printing options, is the
> transparencie or choose another and put a transparency on the tray?
>   Thank you. Ankide.
>   2008/8/22 Hellena Cleary <hellena@hncleary.myzen.co.uk>
>     I bought a HP Photosmart Pro B8350 printer, A3 size at a very
> reasonable cost. I have found it better in taking a transparency sheet
> , both thick and thin,  than my old Epson. I use it for diginegs but
> because I use at least three printers, it may not reveal problems that
> could develop if only using one digineg for the image result.  For my
> purposes, I am very pleased with the printer. Hellena
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>       From: Javier De Reparaz
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>       Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 9:52 PM
>       Subject: A question about HP B9180
>       Hello, I write from Spain and my english is very bad:
>       A year ago I purchased the 9180 B and I could not print on
> transparencies. Among the media choose not to leave the slide.
> Claims and I returned the money because in propaganda saying that it
> could be.
>       After I read here that it can use the HP B9180 printer for printing
> on transparencies.
>       I was very comfortable with the print quality of the B 9180 but I
> would like to print on trasnparencias.
>       So I would like to know as you do. Between printing options to
> choose the support he leaves the option of transparencies or you do
> differently?
>       Ankide