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Re: Alt collections in Europe

On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, Chris Nze wrote:

The SFP is closed to the old BNF , but the new BNF François mitterand is
@ 15 minutes by tube.

I think you should contact the SFP if you offer enough garantee , you can
organize a demachy exhibition in the USA.
I discussed this project with a friend and we decided that if I figured my time at minimum wage, even should it be successful (Xteen years down the road), it would be FAR cheaper to just pop over to France, first class, and dine, etc., chez Michelin, also more likely to occur within my lifetime.

Not to mention that folks in this city so seldom take my advice. (If they did, obviously, it would be a better place-- indeed a better world.) Meanwhile, I like your suggested itinerary -- including the falafal.

The friend -- who lives in London -- was visiting New York & reminisced about the Victoria and Albert some years ago: She said you just asked to see such and such, and they handed you boxes of prints, or boxes and boxes, and left you with them as long as you liked. (Similarly at Radford.) We weren't sure if that still obtains, but it's not the drill in the Metropolitan Museum cafeteria ... Today I wanted a piece of something to wrap unfinished half of sandwich & found serious protocol required: it seems folks were stealing so much food they made a no-container rule.

However, we saw -- among dazzling art wherever the eye landed in any direction-- lovely, lovely photographs by Julia Margaret Cameron (including some of those iconic portraits of men that even Gernsheim liked), also Nadar, among others, & a couple of stunningly beautiful salt prints by Wm Henry Fox Talbot. (Tho he's associated with brilliant invention, the beauty of some of those early landscapes may be overlooked.) Also in a glass case an original "Pencil of Nature." Etc.

Folks on the list visiting NYC have asked what "alt" shows are in town. IME, the best "alt" is usually in the photo galleries at the Met. (I don't recall this show getting any special acclaim, it may be "expected" from the Gilmore collection.) Across the hall is a modern collection of "Photographers on Photography," needless to say an interesting juxtaposition (and changed from the last time I saw it). But generally speaking the Met is so indifferent to photography they call those galleries -- which ALWAYS have photography -- "special exhibition" rather than "photography" galleries.

Anyway, it won't be tomorrow, but it may yet be that I "drop in." And will call you. Thanks, Chris.


Paris is a small town compare to Manhatan NY and many of the museum are
in the center. SO orsay www.musee-orsay.fr/  is only 5minute by tube from
THe MEP( European museum of photography http://www.mep-fr.org/) which is
5 min walk from the carnavalet http://www.carnavalet.paris.fr/ ( but here
you may see the program before visiting , because they have a great
collection but they don't show it often.
So if they don't have any  photo exhibition you may have a falalel ( the
best in the world ) in Rue des rosier  (closed on shabbat) . then take a
bus who will bring you to the SFP in 20 min.

The best thing is to call me before you come in France If I am not
printing I'll take time to go to Paris and make you an alt trip from the
sfp to The Fresson atelier.


At 21:35 27/08/2008, you wrote:

      On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, Chris Nze wrote:

            No judy these are the same  The SFP is
            afffiliated to the BNF  (so they are suported by
            the state) .