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Re: gum preservatves

Speculation alert: I'm not sure but I remember reading something like
"acidic gum is faster" (please correct me if I'm wrong), so maybe waiting
a little and adding preservative just before gum starts to rot could be
better. (Again, if I'm not mistaking gum gets more and more acidic as it
goes bad.)
What do you think?

I'll chime in, Loris. Yes you are correct, but more acid also can lead to more staining, and the smell of the gum is SO bad I would much rather have a 5 minute exposure and no smell than a 3 minute exposure and have to throw up every time I gum print :)

I had made a huge batch of gum AND mixed pigment up into stock quantities with unpreserved gum and had to throw the entire lot out. I suppose if I didn't have a sensitive nose this would be no problem but I honestly don't know how they did it way back when.