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Re: question on sizing

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:


A blast from the past!!

This is verrry interesting, thanks to you and Judy for this tidbit.
Like maybe before the flood, Kodak made a defoaming agent, then about 20 years ago they didn't, which was when someone mentioned the Kremer product. But it's scary --- Kremer was at the corner of Elizabeth street since the beginning of the world... then I suppose it got super trendy there & they moved somewhere plainer. I think they should leave the world alone when it's working (but they don't listen to me).

PS: My experience with gelatin sizing in class -- that is, heaps of gelatin and many "operators," was that without some kind of defoamer, you were in trouble. And it's EXTREMELY helpful when squeegeeing the wet print to remove excess size... without it you get all kinds of artifacts, tho maybe, maybe not "fish eyes."