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Re: Fish Eyes again

I am shocked, I mean SHOCKED, that any woman in this year of 1928-- oops I mean 2008 -- would give a rat's whisker what a CLERK in a LIQUOR STORE (who sells rotgut to drunks or overpriced wine to nouveaux riches for a living) thought of their purchase -- morning, noon or night. Not to mention that permitting the real or imagined (attitude? sneer?) to intimidate intensifies their power. They'll know if you're embarrassed, confirming that you SHOULD be embarrassed and/or that women are wimps.(Or the joy of sadism.) These are guys SELLNG THE STUFF, for heaven's sake. (They probably flunked 8th grade.)

Suggestion: Walk in wearing your pointiest-toed 6-inch spike heels, most seductive decolletage, with your AK47 slung over one shoulder and ammo belt hung low. Tell them you need some Everclear in a hurry because the posse is waiting, but you'll be back for something more suitable in time for the after party.