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Re: Oil and "Photographie Synthetique"

PS: I thought it was in the French book, but don't find it now, still I mention while I think of it: One of these old books, in an article on tricolor gum printing, begins with CYANOTYPE for the blue !!! (Hi Sam: are you there?!!!)

I thought that was a modern invention, but it was, if not 1904, no later than 1908 !!!!!
a bientot,
So which article exactly talks about this, Judy? Or is it the book.

I have an 1898 mention by Oscar Bolle in the BJP and and then Miethe in 1904...

I wonder why it never took off...I do have one image of a print of this nature from 1914.

And then, of course, your mention, Judy, on this list a while back of its appearing in V. 7 of the Self Instructing Library of Practical Photography in 1909.