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Re: Paper negatives- Ink Selection

16 Ekim 2008, Perşembe, 4:29 pm tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson yazmış:
> ...
> Now let's throw another monkey wrench in here for you to test, Loris,
> since you are fast becoming the expert as you are:
> ...

Becoming "the expert"? Brrrr (shivering), no thanks! I'm just trying to
get some insight as I'm currently so into it. Not being able to spare time
to photography as much as want (have to work at nights - daytime reserved
to pay job - but without staying back in social activity, and have to
sleep enough too), I have to use the little time in hands productively
(wildly) to get as much as I can, in a relatively short time since I'm
already feeling first signs of fatigue / boredom, which eventually will
cause me to give priority to making images (which is good, being the
fundamental purpose) instead of learning (my current priority). This is a
such period, I'll be technically oriented / paying too much attention to -
maybe not so important - details ect. ect. (to the point of being "anal
retentive"!?), for some time. But I'm sure will settle on a more relaxed,
free, experience and intuition based working style later, which seems more
natural in gum printing context. All this is the preparation for that very

Nevertheless, I still need some consistency since I have a project in mind
that requires multiple copies of images. (But not exact ones / clones!)
And the copies should not feel different when compared; not side by side,
just when comparing the one in hands with the mental image of the