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Re: Gum calibration (was: Paper negatives- Ink Selection)

Hi Keith,

You can't tell by just looking - what counts is what the coating sees in
wavelengths it's sensitive to. Unfortunately, it can only help to see the
tonal distribution... Perhaps your inks are denser than mines in the UV
region, printed using the Tyvek paper profile. Have you tried plain paper
profile? Maybe it lays less ink compared to Tyvek?


17 Ekim 2008, Cuma, 10:00 pm tarihinde, Keith Gerling yazmış:
> It helps.  The negatives are pretty dense.  When you started to talk
> about negative density I was getting concerned.  The only Pictorico
> negatives I've actually held in my hand were some made by Sandy King
> and I was astonished that he was able to get such a range of tones
> from something that looked so "thin".  Your paper negs don't look any
> different from mine.