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chalky prints

Hi all...
I continue to work on argyrotypes here as I dip my toe in the alt waters...
Today I tried Lenox 100 paper, as I have read that it's quite amenable to the process, but alas the prints I made looked great in the wash but dried with a chalky haze look, especially noticeable in the darkest areas. Really bad...
The prints I made on Bienfang 360, the lightweight translucent marker paper, look fantastic.
So, it's not my solution or my coating technique, so I was wondering if anyone could offer advice? Dick Arentz has a little section in his pt/pd book about chalky and anemic prints, so I've been looking at that, too, trying to glean what may apply to the argy process as well.
Maybe I shouldn't waste time on papers that don't perform, but being a beginner I want to make sure that all the variables have been accounted for before I blame the material.