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Re: my pigment dilutions

I stand very corrected. I dug my Schmincke out of the trash after reading your post below and found it was a crinkle in the tube that made it look like 16 not 15 and with a flattening it is definitely 15.
PS I really LOVE Schmincke...

As a note: My Schmincke tubes are clearly marked as being 15ml -> can't
say about their real volume since I haven't measured. Irrelevant, since
I'm calibrating from stock solutions that will be made as following: "a
tube into x amnt. of gum".


26 Ekim 2008, Pazar, 3:19 am tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson yazmış:
M. Graham PY 151 and Maimeri PY 175 I mix up to the same dilution:  15ml
60ml total volume.  PY 175 is a tad paler at that strength and a tad
but not enough for me to think the dilution needs changing. And both are
weaker than the PY 150 Nickel Azo Yellow. But this, of course, all depends
on your particular brands.  Plus, Schmincke has 16ml tubes if that is your
brand of choice, vs 14 or 15ml.