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Re: ferric oxalate

Hey Brian,

I had the same experience at a workshop this summer. I'd listed Bostick and Sullivan on my materials list but Anderson Ranch purchased the Ferric Oxalate from another source. When we tried to mix it with distilled H2O, the powder formed incredibly hard, granite-like clumps that were impossible to dissolve, even if you crushed the clumps via mortar and pestle. Fortunately FedEx (and Bostick and Sullivan) saved the day with a fresh batch of Ferric that arrived the next morning.

That's the first time in 24 years that I've run into that behavior but it sure shows that things can screw up in the Ferric formulation stage.



On Nov 10, 2008, at 5:02 PM, Brian Pawlowski wrote:

Oh - I should mention - I got a bad bottle of Ferric Oxalate
from someplace other than Bostick and Sullivan and I could
NOT get the stuff to dissolve, and that which did had a
funny solution color.