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I use oxalic acid, 1-2% for a few minutes, until the paper stops bubbling.

Do you mean a gritty feel on the paper...hmmm, not really. Maybe a tiny bit, but that could just be the paper fibers after getting wet.

Waiting for my prints to dry now...why do they always look so good in the wash and then get a bit hazy after drying down? ;-(


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13 Kasım 2008, Perşembe, 10:06 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
It's a wonderful paper and my argyrotypes are working out great after
acidification. I know a lot of folks who use this for their pt/pd as
Paul, what method do you use for acidification? Oxalic, hydrochloric,
acetic, ...? If Oxalic, have you noticed a grittiness after acidification?

I like that paper too -> for gums and since I can buy it locally (have to
import other fine papers), I'm very interested in using it for other
processes, mostly Cyanotype...