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Re: fabriano artistico EW

Thanks, will try to acidify soon, with hydrochloric acid -> I once coated
traditional white with oxalic acid rich ferric oxalate (there was 1 part
oxalic acid per 2 parts ferric oxalate in the solution) and it got pretty
gritty. Maybe EW is different than the traditional white I got?
Unfortunately the distributor doesn't stock EW, perhaps painters around
here don't like the EW...

:) Scattering? Try 1+1 diluted hydrocote polyshield clear gloss wood
finish (if you don't mind a little glossy print) and you'll be surprised!


13 Kasım 2008, Perşembe, 10:32 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
> Loris,
> I use oxalic acid, 1-2% for a few minutes, until the paper stops bubbling.
> Do you mean a gritty feel on the paper...hmmm, not really. Maybe a tiny
> bit,
> but that could just be the paper fibers after getting wet.
> Waiting for my prints to dry now...why do they always look so good in the
> wash and then get a bit hazy after drying down? ;-(
> Paul
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>> 13 Kasım 2008, Perşembe, 10:06 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
>>> ...
>>> It's a wonderful paper and my argyrotypes are working out great after
>>> acidification. I know a lot of folks who use this for their pt/pd as
>>> well...
>> Paul, what method do you use for acidification? Oxalic, hydrochloric,
>> acetic, ...? If Oxalic, have you noticed a grittiness after
>> acidification?
>> I like that paper too -> for gums and since I can buy it locally (have
>> to
>> import other fine papers), I'm very interested in using it for other
>> processes, mostly Cyanotype...
>> Thanks,
>> Loris.