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RE: fabriano artistico EW


My FAEW exposures are comparable to Arches Aquarelle. It's my favourite
paper for gum over cyanotypes in particular. The Dmax is lower unsized and
I'm sure it would also increase with acidification. I realize you have
difficulty sourcing paper where you are but Arches Aquarelle seems to be
easily available here in the UK in blocks, (rather than large sheets), and
is a fab cyanotype paper. I can find it in artist shops that often don't
sell 'real' watercolour paper.


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Maybe EW is different than traditional white. I remember someone saying
they were getting weak images and very long exposure with the original
paper. That's why I was thinking about acidification... Maybe I should ask
for EW from the distributor. Thanks.

13 Kasım 2008, Perşembe, 10:41 pm tarihinde, John Brewer yazmış:
> Hi Loris
> I use FAEW for cyanotype. I don't acidify and rarely get any purple alkali
> problems when coating. I do like to size it sometimes too, it sort of
> gives
> a more crisp image like I get with Arches Aquarelle.
> John.
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> 13 Kasım 2008, Perşembe, 10:06 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
>> ...
>> It's a wonderful paper and my argyrotypes are working out great after
>> acidification. I know a lot of folks who use this for their pt/pd as
>> well...
> Paul, what method do you use for acidification? Oxalic, hydrochloric,
> acetic, ...? If Oxalic, have you noticed a grittiness after acidification?
> I like that paper too -> for gums and since I can buy it locally (have to
> import other fine papers), I'm very interested in using it for other
> processes, mostly Cyanotype...
> Thanks,
> Loris.