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Re: sun exposures

To my knowing, solarization is caused by either too little sensitizer or
too much exposure... or both. For some processes open shade will give
better control over exposure amnt. since exposure under full sunlight can
be pretty fast with some processes, which in fact is difficult to


17 Kasım 2008, Pazartesi, 10:42 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
> Loris,
> I'm wondering if printing in open shade will help reduce solarization
> effects as well...
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> Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 12:32 PM
> Subject: Re: sun exposures
>> For me it depends on the process: For cyanotype, which is a very slow
>> process with a cryptic printout, that I like to expose bone dry paper
>> for
>> consistency, I do (did) it on full sun. For processes like print out
>> palladium which paper humidity affects speed and *print color*
>> considerably, I would use open shade because the frame gets pretty hot
>> under full sun and may cause the corners of the paper dry out and print
>> warm whereas the center will print cold -> and that's awful!
>> Regards,
>> Loris.
>> 17 Kasım 2008, Pazartesi, 10:22 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
>>> Hi all...
>>> For those of you who use the sun for van dyck, argyrotype, cyanotype or
>>> pt/pd...
>>> Do you like to use full on sun or open shade...and why?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Paul