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Re: paper cutting for pt/pd andother alt processes

Hi Paul,

I often use COT320 for platinum prints, so never have to cut or tear the paper- since it comes in all sorts of great sizes. But when I do use paper that I have to cut, I mostly fold mine along the edges with a bone folder and tear it that way. I just like the way it looks, and it's fun to tear paper. If I use really heavy paper that can't easily be torn, I do use a paper cutter, which makes everything look really neat and oh-so-perfect. I love using Fabriano EW 300 lb paper for gum prints-- like working with card stock. I really love that paper, and I swear my gum prints are much better on that paper, than on the 140 lb paper (can't stand the 140 lb paper). So I do use a paper cutter for that-- way too heavy to tear. I also use Rives BFK sometimes, too, and I love to tear that paper. I just like the way those edges look, when neatly torn. The biggest downside of COT320, for me, is that you don't get those wonderful torn or ragged edges with the paper.

Those are all my aesthetic decisions, mainly based on how much I love to fold and tear paper. Also, I purchased a really nice bone folder once-- when I was making books-- and because of the cost, I now feel I must use it all the time. ;)


On Nov 21, 2008, at 1:16 PM, Paul Viapiano wrote:

Hi all...

How do you all cut your paper for pt/pd and the like?

Do you rip to maintain a torn edge on all sides or use a paper cutter/x-acto/razor/whatever?

Mostly interested in your aesthetic decisions and reasons...