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Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop?

Oh, for heavens' sake, it was Alberto Novo. I should have remembered that, sorry Alberto. Anyway, here's the page:
http://www.grupponamias.com/index_en.html?http://www.grupponamias.com/ art_101_en.html
Never mind, Katherine. I live in a different time zone, so usually I can't chime in at once.
I would add that I don't believe that my process could become an atomatic one, though it is possible to make a Photoshop action. The reason is that the colors are not primary (I like to call them oblique, opposed to orthogonal, because they are not complemetary, and they are not the resultant of a rigid rotation of the axes), and they vary from picture to picture because of the complexity of the scene and the personal choices of the operator.