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RE: inkjet OHP transparency film

I am using this for gum printing

> Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 08:51:34 -0800
> From: viapiano@pacbell.net
> Subject: inkjet OHP transparency film
> To: alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
> A while back, I think either Katherine or Christina mentioned an OHP film
> they were using, an in-house brand or other, but not Pictorico or Arista.
> Somehow, I can't seem to find it by searching,,,can anyone jog my memory?
> By the way, the Freestyle Arista brand of OHP works wonderfully and is
> slightly less expensive than Pictorico. I've been using it for palladium and
> just tried gelatin silver contact printing with it using Ron Reeder's QTR
> profile for Ilford MG paper. I'm very impressed...

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