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Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop or via camera

Not at all. Fast objects will be shown like ghosts in yellow, magenta or cyan depending on the filter was mounted when they were shot. It is easier to do now with a digital camera because it is easier to align the three shots and balance the colors.
You could try and see, taking pictures to cars on a road (fast moving) or wawes at the sea (slow moving).
I guess they would have to be slow moving objects. Unless you have really quick hands.... :)

On 26-Jan-09, at 11:50 PM, Alberto Novo wrote:
I read an interesting method the other day using colour filters and taking multiple photos. I guess it only works on still images, but is still an interesting method. Here is the article.
http://cameratraders.blogspot.com/2008/12/i-am-going-to-take-colour-pict ur es-with.html
It might be ever more interesting if there are moving objects, because they will be represented in different colors. I remember that about 20 (or maybe 30?) years ago I read an article about taking multiple exposures with RGB filters on color film, just for this purpose.