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RE: GIMP vs. CS4


Lightroom's primary function is to serve as a digital asset management tool
- an electronic lightbox if you will or a visual data base system. It does
have some nice photo editing capabilities but not to the extent that
Photoshop provides, some of which are unique to Lightroom.

Many photographers can live with it's limitations (compared to PS) and it's
intent is to provide a faster workflow for professional photographers that
produce large volumes of images such as wedding or event photography. A
Lightroom-Photoshop combination is also being promoted by some Adobe
evangelists such as Jeff Shewe (pronounced shu-wee) as the optimum way to
edit and print images because of the superior sharpening tools and
algorithms that Adobe has introduced in Lightroom.

Fine Art photographers that have a large repository of digital or digitized
images may also find it useful. 

The best advice is to spend some time reading reviews and feature sheets of
the two products to see if the combination makes sense for you. It certainly
adds expense to your photo editing software inventory, now and in
perpetuity. That expense being money and hard disk drive real estate.

Don Bryant  

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does lightroom have any features that photoshop does not have? i only 
took a quick look at lightroom and to me it looked like a version of 
photoshop with optimized layout for photo work, but i did not see 
anything i could not do with photoshop.
is convenience the only advantage of lightroom?


Don Bryant schrieb:
> Greg,
> As a Photoshop Playboy you maybe interested to know that Adobe has an
> until April 30th to allow users of CS3 Standard (and CS2, and CS)  to
> upgrade to CS4 Extended. And if you purchase Lightroom at the same time
> will receive an additional 30% off.
> Don Bryant
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> Hi Judy,
> I now split my time 50-50 between MAC and PC ("come eat me I'm a 
> delicious pizza").  I can see the headlines now: Alaska archivist busted 
> stealing software on 14th Street.  How I do miss NYC but the pretext for 
> visiting is all wrong.  I've decided to stick with CS3 for the time 
> being and NOT upgrade.  Given the current economic climate maybe Adobe 
> will go Chapter 11 if I don't buy into their overpriced bloatware and 
> then college students and faculty around the world will write code that 
> would blow Adobe's defunct product away.    Slap me - I'm hallucinating; 
> must be cabin fever.
> --g
> Judy Seigel wrote:
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>> Greg, are there any electronics stores up there in northland that let 
>> you use software before purchasing?  If I recall, you operate a PC... 
>> but if there's an Apple store, they do let you try stuff before you buy. 
>> (I don't know if that includes other companies' software, tho an item in 
>> a local paper suggests it might:  seems a young lady was arrested 
>> leaving the Apple store on 14th street with 3 discs for applications 
>> stuffed into her jacket pocket.)
>> Or, come to NYC. If you can snag one of those $600 discs somewhere, it 
>> would pay for the flight.
>> J.
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