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Re: GIMP vs. CS4

On Sun, 15 Mar 2009, Greg Schmitz wrote:

Hi Judy,

I now split my time 50-50 between MAC and PC ("come eat me I'm a delicious pizza"). I can see the headlines now: Alaska archivist busted stealing software on 14th Street. How I do miss NYC but the pretext for visiting is all wrong. I've decided to stick with CS3 for the time being and NOT upgrade.
Hi Greg,

I realize some of this is sour grapes on my part -- not the money but the brain loss in learning (or failing to learn) another program...(as I can ill afford). But I think there's some kind of virus at large (released by Adobe ?) that makes folks think life will be better if they learn yet ANOTHER computer program designed by techie boys whose only REAL interest is computer games, & couldn't care less about making art.

Which is to say, you of all people don't need another program -- tho of course you could learn it in yr sleep, probably. (I admit that I've had one of the CS's for more than a year and never opened, much less used it. Tho it does occur to me to add that the most beautiful gum print I made in my life came from just a dumb contact neg on 30-year old lith film made from a b&w print.)

But I note the many addiction-cure programs getting their own experts these days... Is there one for computer "upgrades"?

Given the current economic climate maybe Adobe will go Chapter 11 if I don't buy into their overpriced bloatware and then college students and faculty around the world will write code that would blow Adobe's defunct product away. Slap me - I'm hallucinating; must be cabin fever.

Or could be an enchanted vision into the future....