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Why not just email the curator of photography?

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But I'm disappointed, because the reason I posted the prints in the first place was to address Judy's observation that when she saw one of these prints in person, it seemed to her that the blue must have been printed with a positive, rather than a negative (sorry, paraphrasing, but I hope that's the gist). I think it's fairly obvious that must be true of MoMA's print, at the bottom of the page, where the blue ( in the form of cyanotype, if MoMA's description of this print is accurate) replaces all the light areas and the moon is obviously colored in, without a matching moon in the reflection. I'm not so sure about the auctioned print, the gum over platinum, where the light areas remain light; I think with that one, the gum layers were probably added using the original negative, or maybe a slightly altered negative, but still a negative. I asked what you thought about that, and haven't seen an answer. I'm still interested

To finish off the triad, if by chance it was the Met's print you saw and were puzzling about, in that case the blue was hand-applied and not photographically printed at all, which would explain why there was blue tone in areas where you wouldn't expect there to be tone.