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It almost turned out that way because the room next door to me decided to party hearty every night til 3 AM even tho I called security. Facing 30 hr of board meetings with bad sleep was....enough to turn me into Tony Perkins.

Well, then again, a good shot of scotch tonight with the board at the end of all our board business dissolved the memory :)

This economy....don't get me started, trying to establish a budget for the next year...

To keep it on alt, I met Kenda North, who was one of the organizers of the conference, a veteran altee from the 70's who did dye transfer way back then. What fun, I have her book, some great stuff! Sat at her dinner table for the eve before I put two and two together and WISH I had known before hand so I could have asked her all sorts of alt 70's/80's stuff. And apparently Cass Fey in AZ (is it) just had organized an alt show of women??? from their archives? So the several snippets of alt connections was encouraging. And Bostick and Sullivan were there at SPE, too!

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Do you still run the Bates Hotel Cris?
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