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RE: pt/pd stops and a neat web find

Yes it's a fine little video but the reproductions and framing or my
images on screen are very bad. That's what I was complaining about.

BTW, you can see (they're small on screen) Sandy King's (on my left),
Michal Macku's (right behind my head) carbon prints, Mike Ware's thallium
toned new cyanotype (on my right at top) and Keith Gerling's gum print (on
my right at bottom) in the video. On the rest of the wall (unseen in the
video) there are prints from David Hatton, Witho Worms and Christian Nze.

Speaking only Italian and French in the pre-school age my Turkish is
definitely more "musical" to Turkish ears.

Yes Turkey is a nice place to visit, but unfortunately they're pretty lame
in keeping / protecting history. I was so much envious when visiting
Spain, Italy and England -> because the cities had more character
(Istanbul is getting bigger and bigger w/o any urban planning every day -
to us Istanbul is not a Metropolis but a "mega-village") and the old
buildings were much better kept/conserved.


18 Nisan 2009, Cumartesi, 10:00 pm tarihinde, Don Bryant yazmış:
> Loris,
> Why are you displeased? I thought the video was pretty good.
> In case others on the list want to see here is the link to the video:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEmfUk-xjDo
> I suppose you are speaking Turkish; to my ear there is a French accent
> there.
> Perhaps a redub in English would be interesting.
> I have a contact printing frame just like you show, BTW.
> Nice looking pizza oven too! :)
> I wish I could visit Turkey some time; I think it is a very interesting
> place and culture; historically a location where east and west have
> merged.
> Don Bryant
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> Subject: Re: pt/pd stops and a neat web find
> Got caught -> it seems that the director decided to put the series on
> Youtube...
> Well, that figure has an extra couple of inches; I'm only 6'3"... ;) And
> the repros suck in the video + the framing also suck -> most images (if
> not all!) are chopped (to the extent of leaving the main subject out of
> the frame in some!) by the crew...
> Regards,
> Loris.
> 18 Nisan 2009, Cumartesi, 12:44 am tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson
> yazmış:
>> ...
>> And he IS a big big guy :) --6'5" by some accounts?
>> It's a really neat video even if I can't understand the language!