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Re: Alt Show at John Cleary Gallery in Houston

Hey Marek and Mark and Judy and Gregory,

The show was great fun, especially owing to Marek's arrival with some of his gum prints. It was a delight visiting with him but the best part was when he brought in some of his actual prints. It was easy to see the fruits of his devotion to the medium. Thanks so much for coming in AND for bringing some of your work, Marek. You can see a jpg of Marek at the gallery here:


And Gregory's observation on the two bimetal prints is right-on. I did a poor job of creating the gold/palladium split facsimile in the jpegs, making the sections of the images backed with palladium leaf way too cold. The gallery has better jpegs now and should update those two images on their site soon. Sorry for the jpegs that don't reflect the quality of the final prints at all.

Again, anyone interested can see some of the work at http://www.johnclearygallery.com/currentexhibit.html

Thanks again for the comments!