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Re: tips for using dry pigment

On Wed, 13 May 2009, Loris Medici wrote:

Actually, carbon printing is pretty easy / straightforward once you manage
to make a good tissue -> that's the real hard part of the whole process
(not mentioning the strict environment requirements). Of course, there's
always the possibility of buying ready made tissue. Fortunately
Bostick-Sullivan makes nice carbon tissue for the more outcome oriented
and/or faint hearted.
Or if not "faint hearted," perhaps time-impaired. But what about the price differential? I would assume that, ultimately, once you've acquired the ingredients and equipment, Your Own is much cheaper.

This is just musing, however... I promise to never, EVER, carbon print, let alone make the tissue. I assume that it's beautiful, or can be ... as I remember the raptures about Fresson (said, I seem to recall, to be a form of carbon printing. But, like an image of the Virgin Mary on a window screen, possibly, arguably, also in the eye of the beholder?)