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"Take The A Train", now THAT is a great tune!

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On Tue, 12 May 2009, james romeo wrote:

> Judy
>       Have a good trip
> Eastman House is great
> I went to RIT back 1953 and I come from that part of the world Seneca
> woman rights
> I was up there last July for 55 year school reunion
> I go up now and than.
> I go up not air use AMTRAK great trip up the Hudson and west  central NY
> Better than air comfort ,lot to see,keep your shoe on and you do not have
> go as far uptown to get the train
> Enjoy
> james Romeo

Hi James !  NOW YOU TELL ME !!!  (Tho that's good to know on general 

For this trip, however, I probably prefer plane: up and back the same day 
-- 9:30 AM flight up and 7:30 PM back...  tho due to personal error, I had 
to change the day from Tuesday to Wednesday, giving Jet Blue another $50 
for the accomodation... (grrrr...)

I also, in the long ago, had a couple of lovely visits to Rochester 
(including Eastman House).  The Visual Studies Workshop had a great 
workshop, for which we stayed in an RIT or U of Rochester dorm (for 
$30) and either that event or another had a wonderful, cruel, delicious 
course with Nathan Lyons. This time, as noted, I will seek the opportunity 
to give Eastman House a piece of my mind (little as I can spare it) -- 
What kind of bubble are they in that they know NOTHING except thruway ?

Maybe it's NYC-centric to demand mention of transport from here... So let 
them cite what reaches Rochester (train, plane, et al), & we fill in 
details. Did I mention that I was annoyed to find elaborate detailed 
instructions for car only? (The front page of today's NY Times, 
incidentally, reports on a German suburb with no cars allowed, only 
bicycles and feet... If residents want a car they can buy garage space on 
the outskirts for $40,000.)

I can, BTW, take the A train to and from Kennedy -- it transfers to or 
becomes "the train to the plane." (And I read in the NY Times Science 
Section today that we ancients can tolerate sleep deprivation better than 
our juniors... Do I know anything not explained in the Times? I'll let you 



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