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Re: Palladium on vellum

Wrapping around a tube will stretch the wet print good and taught
and, if held in that position till it dries, will de-wrinkle it. This
has been my experience.

If I understand your recent accident w the water glass correctly,
some paper negs and prints became shrivelled and warped. Take the
least favorite of these or simulate the accident with a disposable
neg/print. Wet it thoroughly, then stretch it as I described, using
clothespins to hold it snug against the prepared tube, then let it
dry at room temp.
Examine if its dimensions are restored. Hope this helps. Rajul

On 24-May-09, at 7:17 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

On Sun, 24 May 2009, Rajul wrote:

I usually mount Masa on an acetate support. Despite this,
unsightly wrinkles do form due to air that sometimes gets trapped
between the Masa and the support, making registration impossible.

Wrinkles iron out easily if you clip the wet print and allow it to
dry on a thick ~4" (or wider) diameter cardboard tubing (fabric or
industrial plastics stores discard them ) cut to the length you
need and around which a heavy plastic sheet secured with duck tape
is wrapped. I hope this works when you do not want a wrinkled print.
Rajul, would you explain the function of wrapping around a tube? A
glass of water recently fell over on my work table, unnoticed
because it seeped under a couple of layers of glass, where it
shrivelled and warped a couple of negatives on paper & prints being
"flattened" there. As a rule, if prints or negs get wrinkled, I
can pretty well fix with a clothes iron on medium heat (since
heating up the drymount press is a chore & that "flattening" is
generally done blind, which is risky)... But this might be better
than the iron -- or possibly a way to cool the freshly ironed...



> > On 24-May-09, at 1:25 PM, Marek Matusz wrote: >
Finally after being inspired by Dan Burkholher's show I gothered
all the supplies and made my first palladium/platinum prints on
vellum with silver and gold leaf. This is one of my favorite
prints that I printed many times in gum, so I include two
versions of gum prints. The vellum that I am using now is very
translucent, but it crinckles and creases so easlily. I am
learning how to deal with it. It did not really like being ironed
while wet. You can see creases that are a result of that. On the
other hand I am enjoying the wrinkles and hande-made feeling of
the prints.
My scanner broke down so these are photographs of the prints
taken outside with the sun positioned to acccent the vellum surface.
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