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RE: making PO developer

Paul, There are also other possible explanations for what you have.  Oxalic
Acid can hold quite a bit of water, and if your supply was full of it, your
weight might be off a little. It might also be excessive oxalic acid. That
could be a GOOD thing as your developer will go toward the basic side from
paper components. The excessive amount of oxalic acid will keep that from

A clue may have been seen when you added it to the solution. Did the
effervescing slow down and stop? Or did it keep going as you added oxalic
acid? If it was very slow or stopped, I expect to see that it is excessive
oxalic acid. 

You may certainly filter it, and then add some new fresh oxalic to the
solution; a small amount.  


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Yes, this is the first time I've made it. My water's ph is neutral, a 7.

I'll just filter it and try a print...


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> Paul,
> is this the first time that you prepared it?
> Is your tap water particularly hard? If so, your precipitate is calcium 
> oxalate. Perhaps not harmful, but I would prefer to filter or decant it.
> Alberto
>> Hi all... Last week, I made my potassium oxalate developer. I haven't 
>> used it yet, but notice that there is a decent amount of precipitate in 
>> the bottom of the bottle. Not matter how much I shake it up, the next day

>> it's still there. Should I just filter this out? ...or be worried about 
>> anything else? Thanks... Paul