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RE: slightly off-topic...or not (re cameras)


My last camera had 3, and even that has worked fine 
for my gum prints. But I find 1-2 mp a bit small for editing.

I've made gum prints shot with a little 3 MP Canon A-75 and it works fine.
In fact it even helps provide a painterly quality to the image.

I've even taken shots with large pixel DSLRs and altered them in PS because
they looked too sharp as a gum print, but that was simply an aesthetic
decision not a technical one.

Finally there is a perception that the new DSLR cameras and digital backs
with high pixel counts are overkill, until you start looking at the images
with a sharp high quality monitor and a good RAW processor like Capture One.
The dynamic range and sharpness can really knock your socks off. 


Don Bryant