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RE: slightly off-topic...or not (re cameras)

On Tue, 30 Jun 2009, Don Bryant wrote:

Finally there is a perception that the new DSLR cameras and digital backs
with high pixel counts are overkill, until you start looking at the images
with a sharp high quality monitor and a good RAW processor like Capture One.
The dynamic range and sharpness can really knock your socks off.
Don, I'm trying to resist saying "I don't wear socks, I wear clogs," which is to say my socks have already been knocked off -- and if I'm not certain to hold that camera perfectly perfectly steady (it's not just excitement, or wind and dust, or movement of the molecules, it's the effect of randomly radiating brain waves), for the ultimate in sharpness, shouldn't I use a tripod? (And, seriously, would I print in gum?) I make a point of this somewhat defensively, I suppose, because when shooting I can only think of 4 or 5 things at a time... and two of the things that slip my mind are "raw" and "sharp" (tho husband likes that in horse radish, that's not my thing either).

One very kind soul who e-mailed me offlist assumed I'd *never* shot raw: he was right. (As for shooting IN the raw, however --- you can do that with any camera.)