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RE: a few notes on my first few gum prints...

Yep, I have to agree w/Marek. I've been coating gum with foam rollers for
8 or 9 years. Thin, even, smooth coats quickly and easily.

Kerik Kouklis

> Paul,
> For even coating nothing beats the foam roller. I quickly spread the
> emulsion with a brush and then smooth the coat with a foam roller. I coat
> my prints in batches and use more emulsion on the first print as the
> roller will pick up some from the print. Apply more pressure on the first
> pass to even out the brush stokes and then lighter and lighter pressure as
> the gum dries and becomes more tacky. Ran the roller in one direction
> only. If the emulsion is too thick and roller too wet, run it over a dry
> paper towel and continue. It goes very quickly, less then 60 seconds per
> print.
> On the other hand if the foam brush works stick with it.
> Marek