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Fresco and Resin

Hi all,
Not sure if some of you will find this alternative...anyhow :)

I came across this website, artist Mary Taylor

She produces a gelatin with a whiting agent, pour the hot mix on a level surface such as wood(removes whiting agent) or any other surface.
She lets it cool or when the gelatin feels firm.
Then takes a printed transpareny film, lays the printed part on the gelatin and slowly removes the transparency film. A transfer of the inks from the transparency get set in the gelatin.

Has anyone tried this?

What I don't understand is how the inks would adhere onto the gelatin? Wouldn't there be some sort of solution or spray to put inbetween to make the inks come off? Unless the gelatin isnt fully SET perhaps, would this work?
Gonna try it this weekend! :)

I did find a fellow on youtube who used resin with a catalyst poured it on a piece of glass. Then layed the printed side of Pictorico film onto the resin.
Rolled out the airbubbles. Waited a few hours. Then removed film slowly. What resulted was the pigments inks transfered onto the resin.