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RE: theoretical gum question

Paul, my current procedures seem to be able to give nice / rich / long range
casein prints in just 2-3 layers with negatives of density range log 1.1 -
less than what I use for gum and I think I need to further reduce this to
maybe log 1.0 or 0.9... Dichromate strength is 5% or 2.5%, exposure time
30-45 *seconds* under a bank of 8 40W UVBL bulbs. Conceptually they're
pretty close (I mean casein and gum) but, IME, practically they're very
different. (At least with my coating solutions, maybe I'm off by a
magnitude!?? Anyway, I don't care, I think I like what I get... Will share
the results later, I'm pretty busy right now at work + a workshop

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Thanks, Loris, Phritz and Katharine...

I started thinking about this after reading the Lukas Werth article in PF,
in which he uses pt/pd-range pyro negs for his casein printing. I know
casein is not gum, but reading about him doing up to 10 layers and getting
this beautiful long-range print had me daydreaming ;-)

Katharine, when you say they don't look as clean and crisp, do you think
that has to do with the contrast?