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Re: gum negatives redux

I should've been more clear...I'm getting better gum results from palladium negs than using less contrasty negs for gum. My palladium prints print wonderfully with the palladium negs ;-)
This would be a huge advantage for me, in not having to keep track of two different styles of digital negatives.
Now, I'm wondering how the palladium negs will work with tri-color gum...only one way to find out!
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From: "Paul Viapiano" <viapiano@pacbell.net>
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2009 12:20 PM
Subject: gum negatives redux

> Hi all...
> I'm getting much better results using my QTR inkjet palladium negatives for
> pure gum purposes. Detail is much sharper with these contrasty negs and I'm
> getting a pretty full range of tones.
> Exposures with 1:1 gum/dichromate ratio (pot di) are 6-7 min for highlights,
> 2 1/2 min for shadows and mids somewhere btw those.
> This is for exposure in full blazing blue sky sun, Southern California
> style.
> Still adjusting and experimenting, but happy to have a printing day that is
> not frustrating ;-)...of course, it's not over yet.
> Paul