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Re: Miracle size for gum (CAPAROL binder)

i'm pretty sure there are similar products available in abundance. but at least in german language it's not that easy to find them. datasheets are sparse and if i can find one, everything's called "kunstharz" with no further specification.
although i called a local arts supplier about "grounds based on polyvinylacetate" and they were was clueless, neither did kremer suggest any alternatives to the gamblin size, like i asked them to.
well, i'll get the caparol end of this/ early next week. i'll report back with results asap.

funny name indeed. but not really surprising, since caparol has an elephant in their logo. "nerchau" is another name for the same company (i think).


Loris Medici schrieb:
I found a similar product which I can purchase locally, it has a
localized name "Fil-fix" (Fil is "Elephant" in Turkish, Caparol
promotes its products under the brand "Filli Boya" which literally
means "Elephant Paint" - funny isn't it?) and eventually it is a
*clear* furniture glue, essentially consisting of liquid PVAc
dispersion. If you have success with the product you have on your
hands, I may opt to purchase a can of Fil-fix and try it in different


2009/10/13 Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>:

Thanks Phritz, please share your findings about Caparol.